Chris Braniff is 17 years old and lives in the town land of Kilwaughter which is 5 miles outside Larne in Co. Antrim. Chris first showed his interest in music when he joined his school band playing the trumpet and enjoyed it immensely. When he moved on to the Grammar school he enrolled in a guitar course with several of his friends. His tutor was amazed how quick he could learn to read and play the musical pieces he gave him. Within 6 months he had already reached stage 3 in the rock school exams and passed with a merit. His tutor contacted his parents and told them that Chris had a great talent for playing the guitar and asked them to encourage Chris as much as they could.

Chris's father gave him a CD of the shadows and asked him to have a listen and tell him what he thought of hank Marvin. When he played Apache he was hooked like many guitarists in the sixties. Within a week he had 3 tunes learned and impressed many people with his sound. Chris’s uncle Rab sent one of his CD’s to George Jones of U105 radio and George was so impressed he asked him to play at the waterfront hall at the, Do you come here often showband show.

Now the young teenager Chris Braniff has stepped forward and confounded many people with his style and sound that is truly like Hank Marvin.

Many of his peers have titled him ‘The Young Shadow’. Hank Marvin himself after hearing him play sent him a personal message to congratulate him on his great talent. On a recent BBC Radio show music guru Paul Gambaccini said it’s truly uncanny, he really sounds like Hank Marvin, I am truly amazed. Chris is now starring in his own show “Relive the Legend of The Shadows.”

The show is a fast paced upbeat musical feast for all Shadow fans. It features their greatest hits like F.B.I, Wonderful land, Kon Tiki, Atlantis and that ever popular hit, Apache. There are also some hit songs such as Move it, The Young Ones, In the Country, Summer Holidays and many more.

Chris is joined on stage by his backing band the Shadow men.

Don’t miss this young guitarist who is captivating audiences everywhere he plays.


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